Keen to expand you or your team’s skillset?

We offer a range of implant courses available to suit all levels of experience.

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The interior of the training suite at Infinity Training Academy.

Getting started in Implant Dentistry

We offer a range of implant courses available to suit all levels of experience. Mohsin is able to offer guidance and mentorship when you begin to introduce implants in your practice. We also offer training for nursing staff to ensure you will have the support required.

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Need help with gaining Implant experience?

There are a series of courses available for your whole team to assist you in increasing the uptake in your Practice. We aim to give you the confidence and support network required to provide comprehensive dental Implant care in your Practice. We also offer the opportunity to come and shadow Mohsin at our Practice so you can see the process and gain more experience of the stages involved.

The interior of a treatment room at Infinity Dental Clinic.

Looking to restoring dental implants?

If you are keen to work in Implant Dentistry and want to maintain continuity of care, then Mohsin can place the Implants and then mentor you to be able to restore the Implants at your clinic. You can also come and assist or shadow whilst the Implants are being placed.

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Need help with treatment planning and Implant placement?

Mohsin is an accredited mentor who is passionate about working with local colleagues and will always be at hand to offer support and advice. (Link to mentorship page)

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Looking to improve the workflow in your team?

We offer courses for all members of the dental team ranging from Practice owners, Dentists, nurses, treatment coordinators and receptionists. We recognise the vital role each member of staff can play in the patient journey and aim to provide advise on how this can be utilised and streamlined.

What can we help you with?

If you have any questions about any of our courses then please contact Jasmin Wigglesworth our Academy Manager. Complete the enquiry form to find out how our courses can help you and your team.

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