Implant Mentorship

Building a successful implant team

Mohsin Patel is an accredited implant mentor with a passion for helping local colleagues expand their clinical skillset and confidence. Mohsin has helped many local Dentists progress from starting out in Implant Dentistry to successfully placing a large number of Implants each year.

Mentees will be given advice on how to implement Implant treatment in your Practice including involvement from the entire dental team. Mentoring is given at each stage so you can feel confident that you are supported. We also offer training for dental nurses and treatment coordinators to ensure comprehensive and complete patient care.

The interior of a treatment room at Infinity Dental Clinic.
Dentists tools lined up on a tray next to a dentists chair.

Diagnosis and treatment planning

On finding a suitable patient, the initial stages and required investigations will be advised. We have CBCT facilities at Infinity Dental Clinic if required for the patient’s dental report and digital planning. Treatment planning will then be discussed together to allow you to gain the experience to safely assess and plan cases independently.

The interior of the Infinity Training Academy reception.

Implant placement

Clinical mentoring is available for Implant placement at all skill levels to help build your competence and confidence in Implant placement. Mohsin also offers the opportunity to come and shadow him placing Implants to further increase your experience and exposure. Courses are also available to train your dental nurses in Implant nursing to maximise professionalism and productivity.

The interior of the training suite at Infinity Training Academy.

Implant restoration

Extensive mentoring will also be given on restoring and maintaining dental Implants. Advice will be given on digital/ conventional techniques, lab prescriptions and troubleshooting. This can be provided following Implant placement or independently if you do not wish to place the Implants yourself.

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